Cloud ERP on the Horizon? What is your Digital Strategy?

Cloud ERP

Post Modern ERP is evolving as we speak.  Adoption of cloud applications for Sales, Service, and Marketing are increasing – more traditional monolithic business systems are being decoupled or replaced and organizations are realizing that the majority of their users, and more importantly their customers, are not content with working with their existing on-premise Legacy ERP systems.

Over the past week, Gartner Inc has published a release (Impact of Cloud and Emergence of Postmodern ERP) and also had a webinar on Cloud ERP on the Horizon? How Small Businesses can ensure it’s right for them.

Digital Strategies

Whether in the board room or in discussions within and across divisions – if the question “Should we go “Cloud” for Business Apps?” hasn’t already come up yet – I will guarantee that it does at some point this year.

If you intend to keep core ERP systems on-premises, plan to meet the integration challenges of a hybrid cloud/on-premises ERP environment as users increasingly adopt cloud solutions for noncore processes.

As a business leader, understanding Cloud and determining your organization’s Digital Strategy is going to be a top priority to remain competitive, reduce costs and satisfy the increasing employee and customer demands.

Evaluating Cloud Goals and Priorities

Cloud ERP | Legacy ERP | Cloud App | Digital Strategy

Remember: Cloud is not one-dimensional, it involves significant business and IT alignment.   If your organization is ready to start having these discussions and needs support talking through options and developing a Digital Strategy Roadmap – don’t hesitate to reach out!


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