Salesforce Lead Management / Tradeshows

  • Salesforce Lead Management / Tradeshows

    Salesforce Lead Management / Tradeshows

    GOAL: Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales to identify, qualify, and nurture leads.

    Tradeshows are a shared experience for all manufacturers wanting to expose and expand their products and brands to the market. Whether they capture leads through a landing page form on a tablet or computer, scanning badges, or a simple lead sheet on a clipboard, the main challenge is turning that list into something their sales and marketing teams can actively engage with to quickly qualify and convert those leads into opportunities, ultimately closing more business.

    Common Pain Points

    1. Various lead sources (multiple systems or applications) that cause issues with data integrity and duplicated efforts
    2. Lack of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), like Salesforce, for defined routing and activity tracking of sales teams and reps
    3. Blurred lines between Marketing and Sales team responsibilities
    4. Fire and Forget Mentality (Black Hole)
      • Newsletters / Email Blasts
      • Handoffs to Sales Team / Reps

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