Industrial Internet

Welcome to the age of the Industrial Internet Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist and Executive Director of General Electric, gave a TED talk about the rise in the use of technology coupled with internet and how it could affect our lives in the future. Real-time operational intelligence As an industrial based or manufacturing organization, if you haven’t begun asking yourself the … Read More

Advanced Technologies Driving US Manufacturing Renaissance

SME’s Manufacturing Engineering Media releases its annual trends report declaring advanced manufacturing software (Cloud ERP and PLM), automation, multifunction machines and 3-D printing are creating the new industry of the future, but cautions that developing a highly skilled workforce is critical to sustaining momentum in the U.S. manufacturing sector.   2014: Manufacturing’s New Momentum “The business case for manufacturing goods … Read More

Cloud ERP – Security, Change Management Still a Challenge

ERP Implementation Challenges Bottom-Line Up Front: There is nothing earth shattering in the survey findings below.  The same challenges and misperceptions still remain.  Migrating or implementing a new business system is painful.  It takes the right leaders and/or consultants to navigate this process to mitigate these risks and challenges. ERP implementation projects continue to get a bad rap for running … Read More

Big Data in Supply Chain Management

Big Data in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain leaders need to pay more attention to big data and predictive analytics. IndustryARC, an industry market research and analysis company, explored this topic in particular detail in the global “Big Data Market in Supply Chain Management” report. According to research conducted by IndustryARC, the global big-data market was around $6.93 billion in 2012 and around $12.21 billion in 2013. … Read More

Big Data impacting the Warehouse and Distribution Center

“Using big data correctly helps companies allow for more flexible planning and predictive analysis in the warehouse,” explains Mark Dickinson, executive sales manager, automated systems division at SSI Schaefer, a global storage and picking solutions manufacturer with U.S. headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Quote from Amy Roach Partridge’s recent post entitled Material Handling Meets Big Data.   Below are highlights from this post. … Read More

4 Trends Shaping Analytics

In the WSJ CIO Journal Deloitte recently published an article entitled 4 Trends Shaping Analytics.  Below is a summary of the 4 trends mentioned. 1. The rise of the chief analytics officer.  In some cases combining analytics with other functions has worked well. In other cases, analytics efforts have been buried under those executives’ myriad other priorities. To give analytics the … Read More

Digital Transformation: 10 Best Practices

Technology is transforming the way we do things… How is your business planning for or executing a digital transformation? Organizations and Cloud Technologies are maturing –  and CIO’s are faced with new realities. As a business leader you are faced with a series of challenges. Below is a summarization from a recent blog post Harvard’s Chief Digital Officer: 10 Digital Best Practices … Read More

Common Challenges Manufacturing Leaders are Facing Today

As a follow-up to last weeks post “Business Transformations: Moving from the Industrial to Information Economy” below are some thoughts around what various Manufacturing leaders are thinking in this new Information Age. New or Existing Leader Role: (Owner/President/CEO/COO)   As a Business Owner or Leader supporting a leading manufacturing organization you face increased pressure to remain competitive, streamline operations, and … Read More

Business Transformations: Moving from the Industrial to Information Economy

Everything changes when you move from an industrial economy to an informational economy- @levie   Transforming Businesses stuck in the industrial economy are trying to figure out ways to remain competitive and keep up with the rapidly evolving information economy.   The time is ripe for business transformations and legacy systems and services are being replaced with distributed, agile & … Read More

Cloud ERP on the Horizon? What is your Digital Strategy?

Post Modern ERP is evolving as we speak.  Adoption of cloud applications for Sales, Service, and Marketing are increasing – more traditional monolithic business systems are being decoupled or replaced and organizations are realizing that the majority of their users, and more importantly their customers, are not content with working with their existing on-premise Legacy ERP systems. Over the past … Read More