Legacy ERP | Cloud ERP

Great Quotes Found in Gartner’s – CIOs Must Take Action to Address Fast-Approaching Reality of “Legacy ERP” Release Yesterday    By 2018, at least 30 percent of service-centric companies will move the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud. – Gartner           By 2016, heavily customized ERP implementations will be routinely referred to as ‘Legacy ERP’  – Gartner … Read More

Cloud Security – Skyhigh CloudTrust Program

Challenge Most organizations are adopting cloud technologies – but there is still a lingering concern in the back of the minds of CIOs and CISOs surrounding security.  With users by-passing IT and using services like Dropbox controlling and enabling these services for their employees is becoming a burdensome and expense task. Based off of a survey of 120 CIOs and CISOs … Read More

Visualization Tools to Help Drive Business Process Alignment

We have recently been engaging in conversations with clients around their existing sales processes or lack thereof to better understand the pain points and struggles they have within their organization. In every discussion, irregardless of the client’s industry, reoccurring themes inevitably emerge around their processes.  Let’s visit a few of these challenges and provide some suggestions on how visualization tools … Read More

Business Transformation for Manufacturers

A business transformation initiative is not something that small to midsize manufacturing companies take lightly. Many manufacturers have been perpetually procrastinating the ERP system and business process related demands. Things like the sunsetting of support for their Legacy ERP system or self-service portals for the Internet and mobile connected customer base looking for basic information without the need to pick … Read More

Usability, Cloud and Analytics – Top ERP Trends

After spending several hours analyzing reports extracted from a manufacturing companies legacy ERP system today I want to (re)emphasize that your business system should not be an impediment for your users! Business users should not have to: Contact the IT Department for a Report Write or re-write a program to add columns or fields View a static copy of your … Read More

Continue to Invest in Your Legacy ERP or Rip and Replace?

Many small to midsize businesses are struggling with this answer.  In most cases, with existing and prospective customers we speak with in the Manufacturing space, their systems and processes are 10-20+  years old and their last upgrade or migration to their existing ERP system was painful and expectations weren’t met. They were left with a subpar ERP system, not aligned … Read More

Legacy ERP Systems Can No Longer Keep Pace

The following are excerpts taken from a Forbes blog post “The Days of Brute Force ERP are Over” Enterprises need to decide if their legacy ERP systems are an asset or liability in serving existing customers and gaining new ones. Left unchecked, legacy ERP systems can blind enterprises from their customers, making them lose agility and speed in a very … Read More

The Calm Before the Storm

With the New Year quickly approaching we are now entering the quiet period just before a great wave of activity and excitement begins.  For our team at Mountain Point, this activity could be the excitement of holiday travels and spending time with friends and family.  But as a business, we see the New Year as a very exciting time for us … Read More

The Rise of the Customer-Led Economy

The rise of the customer-led economy is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by salesforce.com. Adapting to a customer-led economy is a significant challenge for companies. Time and again our survey revealed that it is the top- performing businesses—those that are beating their peers already—that are pioneering change. Companies that want to kick-start or accelerate their response to this fundamental … Read More

Introducing Mountain Point

Our target customers realize the status quo is unsustainable.  They need the ability to make more informed decisions faster – using the right information. They want insight into their operations and customers.  They want to harvest their data and apply that information to make an impact on their business by: [list type=check] reducing costs & growing revenue; attracting new customers … Read More