Introducing Mountain Point

Our target customers realize the status quo is unsustainable.  They need the ability to make more informed decisions faster – using the right information. They want insight into their operations and customers.  They want to harvest their data and apply that information to make an impact on their business by: [list type=check] reducing costs & growing revenue; attracting new customers … Read More

Cloudscape – Top 300 Cloud Computing Companies

Bessemer Venture Partners has a long history of successful enterprise software investing, they have been particularly focused on the emergence of Cloud Computing.  According to their site – they  “believe Cloud Computing is the most important trend in the software industry of the decade.” While the growth of this trend is undeniable, many businesses are still struggling with identifying how these cloud … Read More

Cloud Computing Challenges – Bad Data, Dysfunctional Cultures, and Legacy Applications

“Cloud computing is no elixir. It doesn’t magically fix bad data, dysfunctional organizational cultures, or automatically integrate with legacy applications.” — Big Data and Cloud Computing: Not Just for Big Companies Businesses considering adoption of cloud services for things like CRM (like, ERP (like, Business Intelligence (like, etc… need to understand that cloud technologies are not going … Read More

Lessons from Bank of America’s Largest IT Job Role in Financial Services

This week Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce conference is going on and the phrases; “Internet of Customers,” “Customer Companies,” and “Intersections of the CIO and CMO” have been resounding themes. Last night Forbes posted a blog entitled – “Lessons From The Businesswoman With The Largest IT Job In Financial Services” Cathy Bessant, Global Technology and Operations at Bank of America, has a … Read More

The Internet of Customers – Salesforce1 and Dreamforce

With cloud computing platforms and applications continuously evolving, releasing new products and services, and offering more value to organizations in this new Internet of Things world, how is your business going to capitalize on the cloud? Gartner predicts that the bulk of new IT spending by 2016 will be for cloud computing platforms and applications with nearly half of large … Read More

IT Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Its Users

For those not familiar with Box and its CEO/Co-Founder Aaron Levie make sure you check out his blog post “IT Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Its Users” This is a great follow-up to Mountain Point’s post yesterday on why Your Business Model Won’t Last Some great quotes/excerpts…. “New Workers. New Devices. No More Servers. Usually a single inflection point … Read More

Business Transformations

Adapting the 6 lessons learned for a business transformation to the cloud from – NetApp’s CIO – The CIO’s New Role: The Business Of The Business. Working with a solutions consulting firm like Mountain Point can help you with your strategy to move your business to the cloud. These lessons learned from NetApp apply to most businesses considering this transformation. … Read More

Moving your Business to the Cloud

In a HBR Blog post this past summer, Nathan McBride, wrote a short post on how You, Too, Can Move Your Company Into the Cloud. A summation of the key takeaways: Cost Savings are a benefit, not a driver Do not get caught in the trap of making cost savings one of your drivers for going into the cloud. You … Read More

Your Business Model Won’t Last

“It used to be that a CEO could maintain the same basic formula for creating, delivering and capturing value for his entire career. Now, it’s unlikely to last a decade. What’s more, the cycles are shrinking and returns to scale are diminishing.”– Greg Satell There are articles all over the Internet with the same reoccurring theme: the status quo is … Read More

Cloud Integration Specialists | Data Analytics

The business landscape is changing dramatically, and limping along with outdated systems is self-defeating, like deliberately placing obstacles in your own path. Today’s horizontal networks of global suppliers and distributors require companies to be lean, agile, and collaborative, managing information effectively to maintain market value and efficiently deliver innovative products. Mountain Point was founded by business leaders with backgrounds in … Read More