3 Problems with Inflated Sales Pipelines

3 Problems with Inflated Pipeline

Your Sales Pipeline is more than just a number. Make sure you’re not hurting your business by over inflating your pipeline. Problem 1: Mismanaged Sales Activity/Resources Your sales activity may be focused on the same opportunity and instead of reps working together on closing a deal, they could be working independently on a single opportunity without even knowing it. This … Read More

Digital Transformation Success of Matouk

Matouk Digital Transformation

Read how Mountain Point lead this +85 year old manufacturing company on their journey to peak performance. Overview Matouk is a 3rd generation, family-owned luxury bedding and bath textile manufacturer located in Fall River, MA. They are both an online B2C and B2B provider to well known retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and other fine bedding and bath … Read More

Independent Representatives and Distributors (Communities)

Smart Solutions - Communities

GOAL: Track total internal and external sales data in order to align all team members with current goals. Sales operations within the manufacturing industry can include inside sales reps, outside sales reps, distributors, and other sources.  People who are not a part of the internal organization, such as outside reps and distributors, may need access to certain internal CRM information … Read More

Warranty Registration and Drop Ships

Smart Solutions - Warranty Registration and Drop Ships

GOAL: Build brand loyalty by identifying, tracking, and connecting with end users. A challenge common to manufacturers is identifying key information around their end users.  Distributors may not share this information back to the manufacturer, and unless the manufacturer has sold their products directly to the end-user, there is no easy way to capture. Responding to customer feedback is important … Read More

Projects – Influencers, Distributors, Activities, and Data

Smart Solutions - Projects

GOAL: Effectively manage Project Influencers, Distributors, Activities, and Data. Manufacturers’ products often get sold as components or materials of a larger Project. These projects can involve many moving pieces and evolve over a longer period of time compared to a standard Opportunity. For example, a construction project involving a new school could require several of your product offerings, involve several … Read More

Trailhead Tracker

Salesforce has given companies of all size, industry, and location the ability to boost their productivity levels and achieve objectives they’ve never been able to comprehend. The cloud-based solution promotes itself as the leading CRM solution that can drive your company to unparalleled success. However, some companies are still lagging to see this success and the reason is almost always … Read More

Account Planning and Sales Activity Management in Manufacturing

Account Planning and Sales ActivityManagement in Manufacturing

We have discovered that manufactures often seek a useful way to better manage and increase their sales reps’ performance and want to implement a more effective account planning tool. They want to see metrics around things like the number of calls and follow up tasks, what types of meetings are scheduled, and track the results of all this activity. Additionally, … Read More

Sample Requests

Smart Solutions to Sample Requests

GOAL: Streamline the sample request process and manage the data it generates. Managing sample requests is another consistent process in the manufacturing space. Customers often want to sample a product before moving forward with a quote. Sample request data can provide key insights into product preference and consumer feedback on product innovation. A consistent challenge for manufacturers is how to … Read More

Account Management

Smart Solutions - Account Management

GOAL: Understand the difference between Influencer Accounts and Transactional Accounts – and why it matters. Accounts represent the groups with which an organization executes business activities such as attending meetings, sending quotes, and ultimately selling products or services. Some of these pre-sale activities are not related to the customer but instead a group or individual working on behalf of the end … Read More

Jeff Bryan Joins Mountain Point Sales Team

Jeff Bryan - Regional Sales Director

Mountain Point is excited to announce the addition of Jeff Bryan to our Sales organization. Jeff is based out of Nashville, TN and has 10 years of Salesforce experience as an end user and as a Consultant in both the commercial and public sector. He holds an MSBA from the University of Memphis and is a Certified Salesforce Administrator and … Read More