Salesforce1 Lightning Connect introduced Salesforce1 Lighting Connect, a new data-integration option billed as the “fastest, easiest” way to view data from any source system from within Salesforce cloud-based applications. Salesforce says Lighting Connect is different from existing integration options in that it supports point-and-click setup, real-time (rather than batch) integration, and access to data from on-premises applications and databases as if it … Read More

Manufacturing Trends Breakdown

Marketing – Manufactures are realizing that existing and future customers have more information than ever available at their fingertips to research, find, and make decisions on brands and products.  The Secret that Breaking Bad Showed Manufacturing Companies About Content Marketing Automation – Your systems and services should make it an intuitvely easy process to find the information needed! Manufacturers will be automating … Read More

Innovation Vertigo

  The First Mover Advantage A new report entitled the Digital Dividend: First-Mover Advantage, by Harvard Business Review (HBR) and its corporate sponsor Verizon, sings the praises of early adoption of technologies like cloud computing as the quickest path to business success. However, in industries like Manufacturing there is still trepidation in adopting new technologies and transforming old business models. The … Read More

The 4 Keys to the Industrial Internet

It’s all about Change, Transitions and Pivots “If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you’re going to wake up this morning as a software and analytics company” – Jeff Immelt These were the words that kicked of today’s Mind + Machines GE’s Industrial Internet Conference. The four keys to becoming a Digital-Industrial Company: 1. Smart Machines … Read More

4 Reasons to Support Manufacturing Day

Friday October 3rd marks the 3rd annual National Manufacturing Day.  Manufacturing Day is a nationwide celebration designed to expand public knowledge about, and improve the perception of, manufacturing careers and manufacturing’s value to our national and local economies. Here are 4 Reasons why we should be involved and supporting #MFGDAY14.  And for good social measure they are “Built to Tweet!” … Read More

Agility is the New Scale

Transforming an Old Line Manufacturing Company New leaders stepping into leadership roles in old line manufacturing operations have significant challenges they are faced with immediately. Impacts of natural attrition in their skilled labor workforce, antiquated business systems and processes, and figuring out how they can clearly articulate, prioritize, set in motion and execute a transformation strategy to ensure the business … Read More

Collaborative Commons

The Rise of the Collaborative Commons The heart of this transformation is collaborative commons, which, Rifkin says, is emerging from the old paradigm of capitalism. He illustrates with the following example: “In a traditional market, sellers are always constantly probing for new technologies that can increase their productivity, reduce their marginal costs so they can put out cheaper products and … Read More

Discarding the Linear Economy

Rethinking the Future A circular economy seeks to rebuild capital, whether this is financial, manufactured, human, social or natural. This ensures enhanced flows of goods and services. The system diagram illustrates the continuous flow of technical and biological materials through the ‘value circle’. In order to create value in a circular economy, businesses need to totally rethink their products, business … Read More

Digital Divide – Cloud Forcing Change

3 Steps to Consider as you Embark on Digital Transformation We have entered an era today where there is real capability to change how we run our businesses – from the back office processing to the front office customer interaction:  we have tools and apps to target and interpret meaningful data, we have developing software solutions to automate and even … Read More

Cloud Adoption for Effective Supply Chains

Real-Time Supply Chain Data Real-time Data enables you to collect relevant information related to risk using “sensors” throughout your supply chain. Rapid detection and how it works: As data is collected throughout your supply chain, smart thresholds create triggers to notify you of exceptions that are creating additional risk. Sensors detect information like critical thresholds for inventory levels, quality metrics, or … Read More