Customer Experience

Like most consumers, I first began my research of a product online.  This time it was for my next coffee home brewing system. I zeroed in on Keurig and explored the different features, functionality, and price-points on their website. Once I narrowed down my selection I located a local distributor (Bed Bath and Beyond – we always get their mailers … Read More

What is your Digital Strategy?

When describing Mountain Point’s services to prospective customers we are often asked “What is Digital Transformation?” In a recent publication from Altimeter, they define Digital Transformation as The Re-Alignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital consumers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle. This is a great definition; however, sometimes businesses … Read More

Product Configurator – 5 Implementation Best Practices

Your customers, sales team and partners want business information at their fingertips during the sales process.  The old days of carrying around line cards, marketing brochures, business card binders, and a pen and notepad to meet with existing or prospective accounts is over. Does your organization face any of these common challenges in your sales process? Current configurations and price … Read More

CIOs Will Lead Digital Innovation

The CIO’s role in business today is far-wider reaching and higher up on the boardroom agenda than ever before. Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Connected Devices are driving innovation across all industries.  Forward thinking businesses are preparing for a future filled with connected devices and disrupting the status quo – pushing the boundaries of innovation. “Every industry that you look … Read More

Digital Transformation

Businesses are beginning to realize that, throughout their evolution, they must invest in change to keep up with and ultimately lead in a new era of connected markets.  As a result, businesses are now entering an era of “digital transformation” to integrate and improve the customer experience. Altimeter Research Group explores the role of new customer behavior and disruptive technology in influencing how organizations evolve in their … Read More

Internet of Everything

Manufacturers and other industrial organizations need to prepare their operations and products for the emerging, connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT). ARC Advisory Group believes that the emerging IoT will offer value across multiple industrial sectors and applications. Cisco expands on this, using the term, “Internet of Everything” (IoE) to describe its vision of bringing people, process, and … Read More

The World Went Digital and Businesses Must Adapt

The world got digitized, now businesses must respond to that. How can a business pretend that they can continue their processes as they were – when those processes were made for older decades where manual processes, automation, personalization, and even optimization was not an issue? Some valued highlights I took away from Esteban Kolsky’s blog – THE FOUNDATION COMPONENTS FOR … Read More

Smarter Manufacturing with IoT

People. Process. Data. Things. People.  IoT in manufacturing will improve business by connecting people to the right information, over the right device at the right time and span across company boundaries to include suppliers, maintenance partners, and distribution chains. New mobile-ready software will allow plant managers to have access to data such as equipment efficiency, line efficiency, data visualization tools and alerts from any location … Read More

Lean Manufacturing

With its roots dating as far back as 1930, Lean Manufacturing is at the core of the “Lean” philosophies that have emerged over the past 2 decades (Agile Methodologies, Lean Startup). Lean Manufacturing was largely developed as part of the Toyota Production System (TPS) as a management philosophy and a set of principles that consider any work not generating value … Read More

Connected Devices

Connected Devices: What’s so cool about a thermostat? Nest argued and quickly proved that thermostats matter… They control about 50% of Americans’ energy bills and as much as 10% of all U.S. energy. Spoiler Alert for those living in a bubble – Google acquired Nest early this year for 3.2 Billion.  What is fascinating is the story leading up to … Read More