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Data-in-Depth MethodologyThe business landscape is changing dramatically, and limping along with outdated systems is self-defeating, like deliberately placing obstacles in your own path. Today’s horizontal networks of global suppliers and distributors require companies to be lean, agile, and collaborative, managing information effectively to maintain market value and efficiently deliver innovative products.

Mountain Point was founded by business leaders with backgrounds in global manufacturing and IT services companies. Our real-world expertise comes from tackling operational problems in cost conscious environments.

We focus on working with Small – Mid size businesses, that have new or existing leadership, that understand the status quo is unsustainable. They realize the business landscape has evolved and technology has opened doors to new customers and suppliers. Obtaining timely and accurate information on their business and customers is important, but they lack the tools, systems and processes to obtain the information they need.

Business leaders know that just wanting to do something is not enough, somebody has to actually do the work. Mountain Point offers expert advisory and delivery services demonstrating and exposing the risks involved with maintaining the status quo. We provide an outsiders perspective on the business operations, work through the challenges faced, and demonstrate how the challenges can be turned into opportunities through a combination of technology and business process improvements.

We provide our clients with a flexible engagement strategy centered around our Data-in-Depth methodology. This framework encompasses our Service Offerings to provide a layered process (similar to the expression “Peeling back the Onion”) where we want to truly understand your business objectives from an operational, tactical, and analytical aspect to uncover the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are driving your business transformation. These can be driven by the project at hand; for example a Salesforce CRM implementation, or focused across multiple business areas – like a roadmap for a new ERP implementation.

Throughout our engagement with customers we want to continue to ask tough questions to really help define and shape the business requirements to ensure our customers are thinking about different strategies that satisfy the root objectives. Our goal is to deliver value early and often with continuous improvements to your processes and technologies. As depicted in our Data-in-Depth infographic and our business tagline – Mountain Point is here to help your business pursue its vision, develop a plan and then execute on your Journey to Peak Performance!

Please take the time to review our website and learn more about the services we offer. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss your business needs and determine if Mountain Point can help.

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