Salesforce1 Lightning Connect introduced Salesforce1 Lighting Connect, a new data-integration option billed as the “fastest, easiest” way to view data from any source system from within Salesforce cloud-based applications. Salesforce says Lighting Connect is different from existing integration options in that it supports point-and-click setup, real-time (rather than batch) integration, and access to data from on-premises applications and databases as if it … Read More

Cloud Adoption for Effective Supply Chains

Real-Time Supply Chain Data Real-time Data enables you to collect relevant information related to risk using “sensors” throughout your supply chain. Rapid detection and how it works: As data is collected throughout your supply chain, smart thresholds create triggers to notify you of exceptions that are creating additional risk. Sensors detect information like critical thresholds for inventory levels, quality metrics, or … Read More

Cloud ERP and SaaS Adoption Continuing to Grow

Moving Beyond the Hype Cycle Gartner’s Chris Pang recently described the advances being made to bring ERP into the cloud in an online webcast. He notes that for small to medium-size organizations, cloud has moved beyond the “hype cycle” and up the “slope of enlightenment.” Speaking at a recent conference,‘s Peter Coffee put up a provocative slide: The number of … Read More

APIs and Extensibility – Apple’s WWDC

Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote yesterday was very much a telling sign of the increasingly evolving, connected and mobile world we now live in.    A world dominated by the Internet of Customers.  Where your mobile device is your “remote control” to everything… providing you with access to your data with simple and seamless processes and intuitive design. “Apple engineers platforms, devices and services … Read More

Cloud Computing Is Changing Business

“Cloud computing represents one of those once-in-a-generation shifts that not only changes the way we think about managing information, but also the way we design and run businesses.”  – Joe McKendrick   In an excerpt from a recent Forbes blog post “Gartner’s ERP Market Share Update Shows The Future Of Cloud ERP Is Now” contributor Louis Columbus summarizes his post with the … Read More

Cloud ERP on the Horizon? What is your Digital Strategy?

Post Modern ERP is evolving as we speak.  Adoption of cloud applications for Sales, Service, and Marketing are increasing – more traditional monolithic business systems are being decoupled or replaced and organizations are realizing that the majority of their users, and more importantly their customers, are not content with working with their existing on-premise Legacy ERP systems. Over the past … Read More

Legacy ERP | Cloud ERP

Great Quotes Found in Gartner’s – CIOs Must Take Action to Address Fast-Approaching Reality of “Legacy ERP” Release Yesterday    By 2018, at least 30 percent of service-centric companies will move the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud. – Gartner           By 2016, heavily customized ERP implementations will be routinely referred to as ‘Legacy ERP’  – Gartner … Read More

Cloud Security – Skyhigh CloudTrust Program

Challenge Most organizations are adopting cloud technologies – but there is still a lingering concern in the back of the minds of CIOs and CISOs surrounding security.  With users by-passing IT and using services like Dropbox controlling and enabling these services for their employees is becoming a burdensome and expense task. Based off of a survey of 120 CIOs and CISOs … Read More

Usability, Cloud and Analytics – Top ERP Trends

After spending several hours analyzing reports extracted from a manufacturing companies legacy ERP system today I want to (re)emphasize that your business system should not be an impediment for your users! Business users should not have to: Contact the IT Department for a Report Write or re-write a program to add columns or fields View a static copy of your … Read More

Introducing Mountain Point

Our target customers realize the status quo is unsustainable.  They need the ability to make more informed decisions faster – using the right information. They want insight into their operations and customers.  They want to harvest their data and apply that information to make an impact on their business by: [list type=check] reducing costs & growing revenue; attracting new customers … Read More