There’s no reversing technological progress – Manufacturers need to catch up!


The economic anxiety over Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the relentless pace of automation is real and shouldn’t be dismissed. A growing challenge Manufacturing organizations continue to face today is how to modernize their dated systems and processes to deliver digital experiences customers and employees rely on in the consumer world. Coming out of Cyber Monday, let’s take a look at … Read More

The 4 Keys to the Industrial Internet

It’s all about Change, Transitions and Pivots “If you went to bed last night as an industrial company, you’re going to wake up this morning as a software and analytics company” – Jeff Immelt These were the words that kicked of today’s Mind + Machines GE’s Industrial Internet Conference. The four keys to becoming a Digital-Industrial Company: 1. Smart Machines … Read More

4 Reasons to Support Manufacturing Day

Friday October 3rd marks the 3rd annual National Manufacturing Day.  Manufacturing Day is a nationwide celebration designed to expand public knowledge about, and improve the perception of, manufacturing careers and manufacturing’s value to our national and local economies. Here are 4 Reasons why we should be involved and supporting #MFGDAY14.  And for good social measure they are “Built to Tweet!” … Read More

Internet of Everything

Manufacturers and other industrial organizations need to prepare their operations and products for the emerging, connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT). ARC Advisory Group believes that the emerging IoT will offer value across multiple industrial sectors and applications. Cisco expands on this, using the term, “Internet of Everything” (IoE) to describe its vision of bringing people, process, and … Read More

Smarter Manufacturing with IoT

People. Process. Data. Things. People.  IoT in manufacturing will improve business by connecting people to the right information, over the right device at the right time and span across company boundaries to include suppliers, maintenance partners, and distribution chains. New mobile-ready software will allow plant managers to have access to data such as equipment efficiency, line efficiency, data visualization tools and alerts from any location … Read More

Connected Devices

Connected Devices: What’s so cool about a thermostat? Nest argued and quickly proved that thermostats matter… They control about 50% of Americans’ energy bills and as much as 10% of all U.S. energy. Spoiler Alert for those living in a bubble – Google acquired Nest early this year for 3.2 Billion.  What is fascinating is the story leading up to … Read More

Industrial Internet

Welcome to the age of the Industrial Internet Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist and Executive Director of General Electric, gave a TED talk about the rise in the use of technology coupled with internet and how it could affect our lives in the future. Real-time operational intelligence As an industrial based or manufacturing organization, if you haven’t begun asking yourself the … Read More