Salesforce Circles of Success Atlanta to focus on Critical Issues for Manufacturers: Data Integration and Channel Management

Salesforce Manufacturing Circles of Success Atlanta

Salesforce recently announced its second manufacturing-focused Circles of Success event, and we’re thrilled that the conversation will center on data integration and channel management. We’re partnering with Rootstock, the number one Cloud ERP system for Salesforce, to sponsor the session, which will be held on October 25 in Atlanta. The all-day customer-focused event is designed for business leaders in the … Read More

Dreamforce 2018: 6 Sessions for Manufacturers to Watch

DF18 - Sessions for Manufacturers - Dreamforce

Dreamforce 2018 brought news of exciting Salesforce product developments that can help manufacturers improve their business models, processes and, most importantly, their bottom lines. We see these 6 recordings as being especially relevant sessions for manufacturers trying to shape their digital strategy.Whether your manufacturing company is looking to streamline your back office, adopt a digital marketing strategy, or unify customer … Read More

Key Areas of Salesforce Data Management: An Overview

Key Areas of Salesforce Data Management

There are probably a variety of strategic reasons why you have (or are considering) adopting the Salesforce platform. Common hurdles include driving effective and consistent processes, enhancing visibility across teams, and scaling your model to meet market demand. Whatever the driving concepts are, the underlying issue that touches them all is Data Management. Getting your team to understand and think … Read More

Salesforce for Manufacturing & Cloud ERP Systems Propel Digital Transformations


By Andrew Rieser, President, Mountain Point Salesforce will soon be launching a focused alignment with the manufacturing sector. The move comes just in time to propel Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Vertical. Salesforce has long been a key player in helping manufacturers better connect with their customers, boost sales, and manage customer service. But what has been missing is a … Read More

Generating Quote PDFs in Salesforce1


Salesforce added the ability to create quotes in Salesforce1 in the Winter ‘17 Release. Unfortunately, it does not support creating/viewing quote PDFs. You also cannot email an existing quote to a contact. This can be problematic for those who are working in the field and need this functionality. Thankfully, there is a lightweight solution available for this issue. The Quote … Read More

Industry Reflections on National Manufacturing Day

Mountain Point - Partner of Choice for the Manufacturing Vertical

Industry 4.0 is here, yet most manufacturers are still struggling to “Do More with Less.” Common challenges we hear when working with Manufacturing clients: • How can we do more with less when existing resources and utilization are already tapped? • We’ve already invested lots of time and energy the past several decades employing the principles of Lean Manufacturing & … Read More

3 Problems with Inflated Sales Pipelines

3 Problems with Inflated Pipeline

Your Sales Pipeline is more than just a number. Make sure you’re not hurting your business by over inflating your pipeline. Problem 1: Mismanaged Sales Activity/Resources Your sales activity may be focused on the same opportunity and instead of reps working together on closing a deal, they could be working independently on a single opportunity without even knowing it. This … Read More

Independent Representatives and Distributors (Communities)

Smart Solutions - Communities

GOAL: Track total internal and external sales data in order to align all team members with current goals. Sales operations within the manufacturing industry can include inside sales reps, outside sales reps, distributors, and other sources.  People who are not a part of the internal organization, such as outside reps and distributors, may need access to certain internal CRM information … Read More

Warranty Registration and Drop Ships

Smart Solutions - Warranty Registration and Drop Ships

GOAL: Build brand loyalty by identifying, tracking, and connecting with end users. A challenge common to manufacturers is identifying key information around their end users.  Distributors may not share this information back to the manufacturer, and unless the manufacturer has sold their products directly to the end-user, there is no easy way to capture. Responding to customer feedback is important … Read More