Sample Requests

Smart Solutions to Sample Requests

GOAL: Streamline the sample request process and manage the data it generates. Managing sample requests is another consistent process in the manufacturing space. Customers often want to sample a product before moving forward with a quote. Sample request data can provide key insights into product preference and consumer feedback on product innovation. A consistent challenge for manufacturers is how to … Read More

Account Management

Smart Solutions - Account Management

GOAL: Understand the difference between Influencer Accounts and Transactional Accounts – and why it matters. Accounts represent the groups with which an organization executes business activities such as attending meetings, sending quotes, and ultimately selling products or services. Some of these pre-sale activities are not related to the customer but instead a group or individual working on behalf of the end … Read More

Salesforce Lead Management / Tradeshows

Smart Solutions to Common Needs in Manufacturing

GOAL: Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales to identify, qualify, and nurture leads. Tradeshows are a shared experience for all manufacturers wanting to expose and expand their products and brands to the market. Whether they capture leads through a landing page form on a tablet or computer, scanning badges, or a simple lead sheet on a clipboard, the main … Read More

Wave Analytics – Lenses and Dashboards

Wave Analytics - Lenses and Dashboards

Sometimes the Standard Dashboards provided by Salesforce do not capture all of the data you need to see, or there are some Objects that you have added as Datasets and now, you need to create some Dashboards to show that data. This post will talk through how to create Lenses, Dashboards, and filters, alongside of  some tips. Dashboards Before you … Read More

How Salesforce Communities can Help Manufacturers


Written by Linsey Billings Manufacturing companies often work with a variety of stakeholders such as partners, distributors, suppliers, and direct customers. Each of these groups require insight into certain areas of the manufacturer’s data. For example, if you are a manufacturer, you would want to provide your outside sales reps with access to leads and accounts so that they can build … Read More

Manufacturing Gets a Huge Win with AI

Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence

By Linsey Billings Watson and Einstein come together on a quest to spread artificial intelligence across new boundaries. IBM’s Watson can take real-time data such as weather updates and exchange that information with Salesforce’s Einstein who will then share this information with its affected customers. An example given by Marc Benioff during a CNBC interview on Monday, was if a … Read More

Post Tradeshow Activities for Manufacturers using Salesforce

Post Trade Show Activities Using Salesforce

By Linsey Billings We have seen a pattern with our manufacturing clients asking what they should do with their badge scans and lead lists they’ve received from a recent tradeshow. Oftentimes, they share the same challenges of getting those Leads into Salesforce, identifying whether those Leads already exist in the System as either a Lead or a Contact, tracking activity … Read More

Event Marketing with Pardot

Event Marketing with Pardot

by Holland Dotts, Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant Conferences, Expos, and Trade Show events are an excellent way for companies to gain visibility and network within a specific industry, but in order to maximize effectiveness (and ROI), it’s important to take a close look at your marketing strategy as it relates to such an event. With a large gathering of professionals … Read More

Wave Analytics & Extra Objects

Wave Analytics and Extra Objects

By Billy Weisgerber In a previous blog post, we talked about how to generate YoY and MoM Reports & Dashboards utilizing formula fields and applying those as filters. In this blog post and an upcoming post, we will be walking through how to create a custom dataset, how to create your own dashboard, and how to edit a standard dashboard … Read More

Comparing Sales Data In Salesforce

Comparing Sales Data in Salesforce

By Billy Weisgerber Month over Month (MoM) & Year over Year (YoY) This post assumes you have integrated your ERP and are bringing in sales data into Salesforce. Challenge: A lot of times Customers ask for a way to compare their sales of the CY versus LY (YoY), which can easily be managed with standard Salesforce reporting, but they also … Read More