Industrial Internet

Welcome to the age of the Industrial Internet

Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist and Executive Director of General Electric, gave a TED talk about the rise in the use of technology coupled with internet and how it could affect our lives in the future.

Real-time operational intelligence

As an industrial based or manufacturing organization, if you haven’t begun asking yourself the following questions… you need to start now!

  1. How is your organization using big data to improve core operations?
  2. How digitally connected are your physical assets?
  3. Are you doing conditions based maintenance? (vs. schedule based)
  4. Is your company using predictive analytics to drive operational efficiency?
  5. Where are you on your industrial internet journey?

Investing in technology and the industrial internet enables manufacturers to proactively detect and predict factors that could impact the end product, reducing expensive recalls.

Providing convenience and ultimately saving money

Every year we spend $20 Billion on the maintenance of industrial machines.

You don’t have to be GE to start planning for and implementing connected device technologies for your organization.

For more information on the Industrial Internet – check out Minds + Machines.

In our next post, we will explore more on connected devices and the Industrial Internet with Nest the connected thermostat that went from the garage to 200 employees in 3 years and then sold to Google for 3.2 Billion.

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