Generating Quote PDFs in Salesforce1


Salesforce added the ability to create quotes in Salesforce1 in the Winter ‘17 Release. Unfortunately, it does not support creating/viewing quote PDFs. You also cannot email an existing quote to a contact. This can be problematic for those who are working in the field and need this functionality. Thankfully, there is a lightweight solution available for this issue.

The Quote PDF Generator for Salesforce1 package is a small, easy to configure unmanaged package that can be used to create, view, and email quote PDFs in Salesforce1.  After installing it from here, all you need to do is associate the template being used and add the “Generate Mobile PDF” custom button and the “QuoteDocList” visualforce page to the Quote page layout. It’s that simple.

Watch our short presentation to learn more about the package and how to configure it.

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