Trailhead Tracker

Salesforce has given companies of all size, industry, and location the ability to boost their productivity levels and achieve objectives they’ve never been able to comprehend. The cloud-based solution promotes itself as the leading CRM solution that can drive your company to unparalleled success. However, some companies are still lagging to see this success and the reason is almost always tied to weak user adoption. It is human nature not to respond well to change, but how do we implement a program that teaches our employees how to use the system and simultaneously show them the value of the platform?

Fresh on the Appexchange, as of yesterday, is Salesforce Labs’ new app called Trailhead Tracker. Trailhead Tracker is a free app that allows you to manage your users’ Trailhead badges within Salesforce, and customize trails around certain areas of focus. You can assign badges to users, and use reports and dashboards to help you keep track of your users’ badge completion progress. This is a great tool for any organization looking to amp up their user adoption, and have a little fun along the way!

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