Warranty Registration and Drop Ships

Smart Solutions - Warranty Registration and Drop Ships
GOAL: Build brand loyalty by identifying, tracking, and connecting with end users.

A challenge common to manufacturers is identifying key information around their end users.  Distributors may not share this information back to the manufacturer, and unless the manufacturer has sold their products directly to the end-user, there is no easy way to capture. Responding to customer feedback is important to the longevity of any company wanting to succeed in a consumer-driven marketplace. Bridging the gap between manufacturers and consumers creates the social connection that is necessary to compete in today’s market.

Common Pain Points

  1. Distributors who are unwilling to share consumer data
  2. Lack of insight into customer preferences and purchase history
  3. Inability to target and update end user information specific to buying habits or history
  4. Consumers who feel disconnected from the manufacturer and unable to provide important feedback

Read the white paper to find solutions to this and other common manufacturing needs.

Smart Solutions to Common Needs in Manufacturing

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