7 Forces Driving Manufacturing Transformation

To meet anticipated future challenges, 68% of manufacturing executives said they expect their firms will undergo significant business process transformation in the next three years. In a joint study between PTC and Oxford Economics they identified the following 7 Forces Driving today’s Manufacturing Transformation. Digitization: Replacing analog product and service information with a fully accurate virtual representation that can be easily leveraged across the … Read More

Stepping out of the Reactive Mindset

With decades old business systems and processes, most business owners and leaders are still struggling to identify how their business can catch up with; and more importantly benefit from, adopting and integrating new technologies. CIOs know that the velocity of change in technology continues to add complexity to their role, function and environments. It affects organizational operations, marketing, sales, customer … Read More

Cloud Computing Is Changing Business

“Cloud computing represents one of those once-in-a-generation shifts that not only changes the way we think about managing information, but also the way we design and run businesses.”  – Joe McKendrick   In an excerpt from a recent Forbes blog post “Gartner’s ERP Market Share Update Shows The Future Of Cloud ERP Is Now” contributor Louis Columbus summarizes his post with the … Read More

Digital Transformation

Businesses are beginning to realize that, throughout their evolution, they must invest in change to keep up with and ultimately lead in a new era of connected markets.  As a result, businesses are now entering an era of “digital transformation” to integrate and improve the customer experience. Altimeter Research Group explores the role of new customer behavior and disruptive technology in influencing how organizations evolve in their … Read More

The World Went Digital and Businesses Must Adapt

The world got digitized, now businesses must respond to that. How can a business pretend that they can continue their processes as they were – when those processes were made for older decades where manual processes, automation, personalization, and even optimization was not an issue? Some valued highlights I took away from Esteban Kolsky’s blog – THE FOUNDATION COMPONENTS FOR … Read More

Lean Manufacturing

With its roots dating as far back as 1930, Lean Manufacturing is at the core of the “Lean” philosophies that have emerged over the past 2 decades (Agile Methodologies, Lean Startup). Lean Manufacturing was largely developed as part of the Toyota Production System (TPS) as a management philosophy and a set of principles that consider any work not generating value … Read More

Cloud ERP – Security, Change Management Still a Challenge

ERP Implementation Challenges Bottom-Line Up Front: There is nothing earth shattering in the survey findings below.  The same challenges and misperceptions still remain.  Migrating or implementing a new business system is painful.  It takes the right leaders and/or consultants to navigate this process to mitigate these risks and challenges. ERP implementation projects continue to get a bad rap for running … Read More

Common Challenges Manufacturing Leaders are Facing Today


As manufacturers embark on their digital transformation journeys, many leaders are facing the same common challenges. Outlined below are some of the hurdles we’ve seen numerous times, and the leadership roles that struggle with them. New or Existing Leader Role: (Owner/President/CEO/COO) As a Business Owner or Leader supporting a leading manufacturing organization you face increased pressure to remain competitive, streamline … Read More

Business Transformations: Moving from the Industrial to Information Economy

Everything changes when you move from an industrial economy to an informational economy- @levie   Transforming Businesses stuck in the industrial economy are trying to figure out ways to remain competitive and keep up with the rapidly evolving information economy.   The time is ripe for business transformations and legacy systems and services are being replaced with distributed, agile & … Read More

Business Transformation for Manufacturers

A business transformation initiative is not something that small to midsize manufacturing companies take lightly. Many manufacturers have been perpetually procrastinating the ERP system and business process related demands. Things like the sunsetting of support for their Legacy ERP system or self-service portals for the Internet and mobile connected customer base looking for basic information without the need to pick … Read More