Webinar: Revolutionize Channel Sales and Connect Directly with Customers Using E-Commerce

Revolutionize Channel Sales - Manufacturing & Distribution Webinar

We’re excited to work with IndustryWeek and Salesforce to host a free upcoming webinar on practical steps manufacturers can take revolutionize channel sales and move from a product-centered to a customer-focused business model!

Date: July 31, 2018
Time: 2 p.m. EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Event type: live webinar
Cost: FREE

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In the past, many manufacturers have considered themselves “widget makers” with profits coming from selling products through channel partners. But in this new omni-channel world, it’s all about the end customer. To compete, manufacturers must steal a few pages from the B2C e-commerce playbook.

In this webinar, Andrew Rieser, President and Co-Founder of Mountain Point, will offer practical strategies for moving to a servitization business model. We’ll focus on how companies can develop customer-focused services and systems of engagement — resulting in increased customer loyalty and a larger share of the profits across the life-cycle of their products.

We would like to thank Salesforce for sponsoring this webinar, and thank IndustryWeek for hosting it. If you’re interested in hearing a first hand account about how Salesforce tools can make a big impact for manufacturers, CLICK HERE to see our last webinar where we partnered with Salesforce and one of our clients to discuss topics including ERP Integration, Reporting Automation, Territory Management, and more!

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